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You feel like you're all over the place... - Cast Iron Babe

You feel like you’re all over the place…

You feel like you’re all over the place…

You’re pulled in multiple directions and not doing ONE thing to your satisfaction. 

When you ARE successful in one area of your life, you feel like you’re neglecting another.

All this whiplash and lack of time is amplified exponentially during the holiday season.

But what if you wiped the whiteboard clean and decided to do things REALLY different this year? Here are a few ideas:

? Stop doing everything yourself and invite your family into the kitchen. Slow down and take time to show kids how to plan, prepare, and clean up after a meal. Say no to perfection and doing it all yourself. Life’s not perfect and the season doesn’t have to be either to be meaningful. 

? Prioritize experiences over stuff. Gift certificates, annual passes, tickets, and donations make excellent experiential gifts, as do high quality gifts that inspire and teach. Avoid excess, reduce tech, and ditch disposable toys.

? Give yourself permission to ‘take a holiday’ from overthinking about stressful situations. Let go of expectations of how you think things should be and how you want them to look and be present with what IS. 

Give yourself grace to let the holidays be easier, more loving, and more authentic. This is important work you’re doing! You’re creating a healthy and vibrant life for yourself, and you’re setting an example that your kids will live out in their own lives. 

You’re doing great!


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