When was the last time you ACTUALLY did this?

The birth of Cast Iron Babe has given me the opportunity to have conversations with a whole new group of women. These women have shared their real challenges in navigating their families and careers— all while trying to take good care of themselves.

Recently, I was speaking with Lisa who explained that she was totally overwhelmed trying to keep up with her family’s schedule and found she was often irritable and tired.

While my kids no longer live with us, I do remember the feeling of slight resentment I had from never seeming to have time for myself— so I get it!

When faced with the challenge of overwhelm, begin by looking at your daily and weekly schedules.

I have found that many people have schedules based on OLD information. But, let’s face it, over the last 15 months we’ve seen countless changes and shifts.

When was the last time you really looked at your daily routines and began with a blank slate? 

What if now is the perfect opportunity to birth a new schedule that suits your current set of circumstances?

At Cast Iron Babe we believe the kitchen is the heart of your home, a place where you can nourish your family and yourself.

So, gather in your kitchen, eat good food, listen to your favorite tunes. Now that the mood is set for fun, grab everyone’s calendars and revamp your routines. You may even want to create and decorate a master calendar that’s a visual cue and reminder for everyone!

You’ll be able to dedicate more time to spend with your family, and you’ll teach your kids powerful life skills along the way. You’ll even be able to schedule more time for yourself!

With oodles of love and encouragement,


(the Cast Iron Babe)

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