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What do you REALLY want? - Cast Iron Babe

What do you REALLY want?

Hey there,

Recently I was browsing a store when I visited the aisle with 2022 planners and calendars… and it was full of women. 

Being who I am, I asked around to find out what these women were looking for in their shiny new 2022 planners. 

They all told me some variation of: “I’m looking for a planner that’s big enough/organized enough/well-designed enough to manage my already too-busy life.” 

This got me thinking…

What if we look at 2022 differently? 

What if instead of finding the perfect planner that’s robust enough to handle our already full lives, we take inventory of where we are and what we REALLY want in our lives?

So… what do you REALLY want?

More love? More peace? More laughter? 

More time with your family? To raise resilient, self-sufficient kids? 

Less drama? Less struggle?

Yes!!! To all of that!

How can we do things differently next year so our lives feel easily manageable with… or without… the perfect planner?

How do we get from where we are today, to the life we REALLY want?

I have a hunch the way there has something to do with simplifying. With reprioritizing. With taking care of ourselves and creating simple and loving structures to take care of our loved ones.

What do you think?

I believe in you.


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