Today a dream comes true

Today a dream comes true.  

I’ve always wanted to claim the Mr. Rogers, Mary Poppins, and Julia Child parts of me and blend that with the high-performance coaching that I’m so passionate about. 

Now is the time.

Welcome to Cast Iron Babe. Feed the people, nourish yourself! (Go ahead and click on that link. You know you want to!)

Just eight months ago, I was enthusiastically telling a client/friend about how much I love cooking with cast iron. We had prepared a Blueberry Buckle that day, and frankly, I really wanted to jump ahead into that dessert.  

But I was patient. Sitting in her cabin, warmed by the stove, we dined on steaks and buttery mashed potatoes first. After dinner, my friend handed me a crinkled, rustling brown paper parcel tied with string.  

Inside was a blue apron adorned with the name Cast Iron Babe—a name that she and my husband Joe had come up with. Those two are always in cahoots.  

Now don’t get me wrong. I would never call myself a babe, but if someone else calls me that, who am I to argue? I mean really. ?

From that day forward, I’ve been on a path to build a new purpose-driven enterprise that will impact people now and for generations to come. It’s called Cast Iron Babe, and it uses food as the common element to bring all kinds of people together!

We even have a benefactor that started the entire process moving with her willingness to fund our start up.

Anyway, before I go any further, I want you to know a few key ingredients that make up CIB (that’s short for Cast Iron Babe):

  • We’re a wholesome community of greater-good people who love food and value serving others, fun, confidence, acceptance of all, and personal improvement.  
  • Cast Iron Babe spent its very first dollars creating a partnership with No Kid Hungry, an organization that gets food and nutritional education to kids who don’t have enough to eat.
  • Our YouTube Show and CIB Membership Community are COMING SOON along with Exclusive Live Events at my home, but you don’t have to wait for all of the goodies. You can get two of them now — keep reading.
  • We encourage families to spend time in the kitchen together, playing, learning life skills, expanding palates, and coming together as a team. 
  • We know the last year brought new challenges. We know you want to set solid clear structures and boundaries for easy living. We know you want to grow a stronger home-foundation that’s organized and consistent. We also understand the need for you as an individual to pause and take a look at your life as a whole.
  • The cherry on top: our travel segments will champion all kinds of people, cultures, and foods!

We invite you to join us for the fun and love. Everyone involved is SOOOO excited about it! Sign up at, and I’ll send my illustrated, kid-friendly Slow-Cooked Butter-Skillet Toast and A BONUS Life Recipe Guide. 

Stay tuned for another announcement next week!

I blow a kiss and love wishes your way,


(the Cast Iron Babe)

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