The Decision Conundrum

The Decision Conundrum

Do you have a decision to make? What if, in this age of endless answers, we turned first to ourselves, to God, to our gut, rather than our devices when faced with a decision? What if we began connecting with one another more and practiced turning away from mainstream media. What if we discovered the truths for ourselves and for our families rather than getting tangled up in the web of uncertainties being fed to us? What if….

“The Truman Show”

You may have seen the movie “The Truman Show”. The main character, Truman Burbank, doesn’t realize he is part of a huge production. Everything in his life is perfectly orchestrated and controlled by the show’s producers. When Truman discovers the harsh truth and deviates from the script, he gains control of his own life. When this movie was created, it seemed rather far-fetched. I must argue that this is now a harsh reality if we choose to continue down the path we are on. Truth, comfort, joy, and reality do not exist if we relinquish control of our homes and choices to the anonymous machine that is social and mainstream media.

Choose Relationship

Are you practicing an absurdity of modern behavior? Many of us are without awareness. We are turning to complete strangers for life advice and guidance. Online chat groups often tend toward negativity, judgment, and fear mongering.  

We are created to be in community with others, to talk, to rationalize, to disagree, to work it out. So let’s get back to the “what if”. What if, when faced with a roadblock, we stopped, assessed the situation, and prayed or meditated before jumping to action? What if we worked to connect with our community to learn the true needs and deficits rather than simply relying on what we are being told? How might our lives and relationships look different?

The Communication Breakdown

Our ancestors had a sense of community and comradery. The culture was one of teamwork, companionship, and accountability to one another. It is so EASY to donate and give support now, but much of this is done anonymously. Hold on, I know that giving isn’t about being noticed and receiving credit. That’s not where I’m going here. Community is built through communication, emotion, and intention. While it is wonderful to give through all the available resources, it’s also imperative that we find ways to serve with our families, face-to-face with those in need. This creates a bonding experience to the reality of the situation and to one another. Accountability at its best!

Hey, Neighbor

Modern communication is great for sending and receiving information quickly, but humanity is wired to connect relationally.  

How well do you know your neighbors? Do you even know them? It’s ok if you answered, “no”. You are most certainly not alone. But perhaps we could try to know our neighbors. We can strive to build bonds so that when big decisions need to be made, we have a circle of support around us.


By Christy Grailer

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