The character of my father

To say my father is a character would be an understatement. Even when he was in grade school he was a handful and often found himself caught up in some mischief. He has stories about tipping over the outhouse with his buddies while one someone was in it. Or throwing the crop of lemons in the river one by one at the early age of two. 

He’s always had an easy way of making other people laugh, and when he laughs the whole room laughs with him. He has a bit of a silent laugh where his face gets really red and his eyes tear and then he adds a frequent burst of sound in a cadence that urges laughter in others… until everyone is red-faced and in tears!

My dad is a character AND he also exemplifies character.

In addition to being a fun dad, he taught us the importance of a handshake, eye contact, and doing what you say you will.

I know that not all of you had the dad you wanted (I’m so sorry about that), but I hope you found male role models throughout your life that you admired.

What was a way your dad or role model taught you the value of fun and/or having character?

Remember— I ❤️❤️❤️ hearing from you!!! 

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Sending love your way,


(the Cast Iron Babe)

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