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Teach your kids to cook with an uber simple recipe! - Cast Iron Babe

Teach your kids to cook with an uber simple recipe!

Hey there,

When kids learn to cook, they gain confidence and leadership skills that empower them to help out more around the home. What parent doesn’t want more of that? ?

In addition, having fun in the kitchen—dancing, singing, laughing, and of course cooking—is good for families. It helps us slow down and connect, which nourishes each of us.

While there are plenty of kid-friendly recipes, it’s difficult to find a very basic starting place that provides the introductory support your kid needs to be a success in the kitchen from the get-go.

In this week’s episode of the Cast Iron Babe Show, I’ll show you and your kiddos how to make a very simple, yet very special, recipe: Slow Cooked Butter Skillet Toast!

And guess what? Only two simple ingredients are required: bread and butter. Plus, you’ll only need a cast iron skillet and a spatula.

This is a quick and easy family favorite that’s sure to get your kids helping out in the kitchen.

You can also download the illustrated recipe guide by signing up for our Weekly Sizzle.

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Hope you have a wonderful week!

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