Sweet summer memories

It was summer in Los Angeles, really hot outside, and my life felt full of freedom from schoolwork and routine. When you’re 7, that’s pretty ‘far out’ (as we used to say ?). 

I was looking forward to a barbecue with my family at my Aunt Carol and Uncle Alan’s home. Their large backyard had pine trees, a big grassy area to play catch, and a glittering rectangular swimming pool that had a diving board.

That day we were churning fresh peach ice cream in my grandparent’s old-fashioned hand-crank machine. Oh yeah!

The moms prepped the ingredients and the kids provided the labor. My siblings, cousins, and I took turns cranking the metal handle until the ice cream was full of love and just the right sweet consistency.

Finally, we unlatched the crank and eased the frosted tank out of the salty ice. We gathered in a huddle to take a peek as we carefully lifted the lid from its base. The cold peachy cream on the lid was just enough for each of us to have a taste as we waited for the moms to dish up everyone’s full servings.

I remember savoring it. Cold on the tongue with just enough tang to offset the sweet. 

Beautiful memories to go along with a fun summer treat! 

Do you have a favorite summer treat? Was it handed down in your family?

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Chiffon Neck Scarf

Every. Single. Time. I wear this lovely veil of protection I get multiple compliments.  The price is great, too! Initially I purchased it because I wanted to cover the unsightly medical masks that were mandatory. What I LOVE is that it also protects my face, neck and chest from the sun. It’s lightweight, breathable, and my glasses don’t fog up when I wear it.  

With ALL my love,

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