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JuliAnn, the Cast Iron Babe, in her kitchen

JuliAnn Stitick

Founder and Creative Director, Cast Iron Babe

As a small child JuliAnn made cakes in her Easy Bake Oven and then graduated to preparing all types of sweets for her family and friends. Her kitchen was filled with the sweet aromas of chocolate chip cookies, spongy lemon cakes, granny smith apple pies and blueberry muffins bursting with flavor. 

She is eternally hope’timistic and chooses kindness, empathy, and love over all things. She believes food is part of the human story: that the common love of food, good nutrition, and the joy of “breaking bread” together feed the soul.

JuliAnn’s 35-year professional career has included motivational speaker, high-performance coach, personal brand strategist, and commercial real estate broker. 

Recently, JuliAnn launched her second-act dream — The Cast Iron Babe YouTube Show, originally-produced cooking, lifestyle, and travel entertainment and a multi-generational membership community that serves families. 

CIB encourages family bonds, fosters leadership, interpersonal and life skills, and boosts understanding of people from all cultures and walks of life — leveraging food as a common thread that connects all of us.

No Kid Hungry is JuliAnn’s primary cause — a non-profit providing meals, emotional support and nutritional education for children who may not otherwise have access. Her cause is at the heart of her new venture, Cast Iron Babe.

JuliAnn’s and Joe’s (Cast Iron Dude) home is always full of family, friends, natural light, nature’s influence and a feeling of peace — a spa-like environment on a hillside, housing love, play and food!

She loves to host, cook, bake, hike, read, paint, dance, write, and nurture those around her — all accompanied by music that inspires and emotes.

Her true joys are Joe (and Lily), Amanda, Alec, Daniel, and her grandson, Jacob.

JuliAnn, the Cast Iron Babe, with Lily the Cast Iron Pup
JuliAnn, the Cast Iron Babe, with a bento box
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