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JuliAnn, the Cast Iron Babe, in her kitchen

JuliAnn Stitick

Founder and Creative Director, Cast Iron Babe & Cast Iron Kiddos Marketplace

As a small child JuliAnn made cakes in her Easy Bake Oven and then graduated to preparing all types of sweets for her family and friends. Her kitchen was filled with the sweet aromas of chocolate chip cookies, spongy lemon cakes, granny smith apple pies and blueberry muffins bursting with flavor. 

You see, JuliAnn always felt secure and confident in the kitchen.  And that’s what she wants for all Kiddos — to feel secure, happy and confident — in and out of the kitchen.

The bulk of JuliAnn’s 35-year professional career has been as a high-performance coach and motivational speaker.  Throughout that time she discovered the tools she was sharing with her clients were strengthening their entire families.  Their homes were calmer, more orderly, and the Kiddos were happily participating around the house, too.

In 2020, it was time to make these ‘tools’ Kiddo friendly.  Hence, the birth of Cast Iron Babe and the Cast Iron Kiddos Marketplace, offering our Kiddos Kits that teach practical life skills and strengthen family bonds.

Our mission to build cast iron strong families has attracted a talented team who is passionately committed to the wellbeing of Kiddos.  We are grateful for Sarah, Christy, Carter, Tami, Joseph, Kenzie, Patricia and Peter. We believe ALL Kiddos are precious and we give back to a select organizations that support the positive growth of at-risk youth and their families.

JuliAnn’s and Joe’s (Cast Iron Dude) home is full of family, friends, natural light, nature’s influence and a feeling of peace — a rich farming valley surrounded by the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

She loves to host, cook, bake, hike, read, dance, write, and nurture those around her — all accompanied by good music.

Her true joys are her family, friends, pup Ember and goats Doe, Rae, Mia & Paco.

JuliAnn Stitick with the Cast Iron Kiddo Spatula
The Cast Iron Babe Show
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