Story Cards That Inspire

We’re getting ready to launch sales for our Camp CIB Care Kits for Kiddos very soon. If you haven’t checked out our website lately, please explore this site to see what’s cooking. 

On our site, you’ll see details about the items included in our winter season Care Kits (ordering starts later this month and first delivery is in January 2022). Everything is designed to help you raise confident and kind kiddos and help your family kick off the new year in a positive and productive way. There’s a membership site, a kid-friendly recipe card, life skill and service activities, a reward sticker, a gift for a parent or caretaker, a binder to keep everything organized…and something we’re very excited about: collectible story cards!

Each Care Kit will include four collectible story cards featuring lovable characters with fun anecdotes. Our Story Cards inspire kiddos to practice important life skills, reinforcing these skills through the power of humor and storytelling. Kids can collect, share, and make up stories with their cards, building focus, generosity, creativity, and wonder.

Our first season’s Story Cards include:

  • Courteous Carrot
  • Sleepy Strawberry
  • Brave Banana
  • Helpful Honey

Sales for our first Camp CIB Care Kits for Kiddos will be very limited, so we hope you’ll jump in line when ordering opens. We’d love to have you along for the ride!

Sending you all my best,

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