Stick To A Summer SCHEDULE

For most of the U.S., Summer Break is here! Cheers to chasing fireflies, frequent popsicle breaks, and an abundance of pool time or water play. While spontaneity is the key to keeping things fresh and fun with your kiddos, maintaining a routine in the summertime is imperative.

  • Our bodies need sleep! Staying up late becomes a treat and a planned family activity if we keep to a nighttime routine during the summer. Let’s be honest, overly exhausted kids are no picnic and overly exhausted parents are no fun!
  • Make meals together. This is time for your kiddos to learn, but also for you to just talk with them. I highly recommend dancing in the kitchen while cooking. The food tastes even better!
  • Carve out space for complete downtime for the family. Do nothing. I assure you the chores will be there later. Cuddles on the sofa, sans electronic devices, with a family friendly show or a book makes for a great Summer afternoon.
  • Make chores a family event. Put the dishes away together. Creating a “kid drawer/cabinet” gives your child a set place for their dishes that they can reach and also helps you! Your kiddo will be able to get their own cup for water or bowl for an approved snack.

Summer is a time to try new things. While creating a schedule for your family, be sure to include interaction with other mothers; seek out a book club meeting at a park, visit a new church/Bible study, or just enjoy coffee with friends while the kids play. Relationships are important and your kiddos need to see you with friends and not solely focused on them.

What do you think? Do you have any summer routine hacks to share? I always love hearing from you and learning from your ideas!

Wishing you balance and peace of spirit!

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