Simplify with these easy summer packing tips for families

Are you planning to travel with your precious family this summer? The prep that goes into taking the family on the road is mind boggling! I’m here to encourage you. With a little bit of planning, you will be able to simplify your packing and focus your attention on PLAY!

For the kids:

They don’t need it all, I promise you! This is a chance to get back to basics. 

  • Listen to a book together in the car. There are some great audiobooks out there that will appeal to everyone. Check out these recommendations.
  • Play the alphabet game. Create teams (left side vs. right side), then look for road signs (only on your side of the car) that start with a letter of the alphabet moving from A to Z.
  • Create a story. One person begins the story with a sentence. Taking turns, each person carries on the story one sentence at a time.
  • Talk about feelings! You have a captive audience here. Our story cards are a great starting point. Read about Brave Banana and create a story around him. Building a strong emotional foundation leads to grounded, independent kiddos!

For you:

You don’t need it all either . . .

  • Plan to wear your outfits more than once. Think capsule wardrobe here. Mix and match a few tops with pants, shorts, and a skirt. Ditch the extra pair of shoes. Think comfy and multi-functional.
  • Toiletries can take up so much space. I am in love with the Palette by Pak. It holds enough for almost 2 weeks if you are using the recommended “pearl sized” amount of product. Think long-term here—you will use this packing essential over and over.
  • For the car, use a hanging toiletry bag for your kiddos’ cards, colored pencils, toys, etc. They will be able to easily access their goodies and you will be able to tidy the car and take their stuff into hotels and restaurants quickly and efficiently.
  • Don’t forget your travel first aid kit. Hopefully you won’t need it, but it’s always good to be prepared. This one is great for the car. I have this one for my backpack and for the stroller. It’s much more compact for when you are out and about.

Bottom line…simplify! Once you get your travel gear purchased and organized the first time, packing will be a breeze going forward. Less is more.

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