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Releasing control and taking brave next steps - Cast Iron Babe

Releasing control and taking brave next steps

Hey there!

Let’s face it, the last year and a half have felt like someone picked up our world globe, shook it, shook it again, and then shook a third time for good measure.

We’ve needed to remain on ALERT for a long time, and now we are tired. It’s actually a good kind of tired if you think about it—because it’s forced us to give up (in a good way, I promise!). We’ve released our need to control many things, and in the process, we’ve reprioritized our own needs and the needs of those closest to us. 

We’ve begun to look at life from a new lens. We’ve begun to reevaluate how we want to spend our days, who we want to spend them with, and how we can best take care of ourselves in the process.

But we’ve also still been under a lot of stress from this ‘global shake,’ haven’t we?And sometimes we are so used to being on ALERT that we don’t even realize we are stressed.

That’s why I like to check in with my body many times throughout the day. I check in so that:

  • I eat when I’m hungry.
  • I drink water when I’m thirsty.
  • I stretch and move when my muscles feel tight.
  • I breathe deeply when my gut feels swirly, and close my eyes and picture myself easing and relaxing.

Then I ask myself what I’m worrying about and if it’s something I have control over. Most times the answer is ‘no,’ and then I’m able to settle down, knowing that it’s ok to let it go. If I do have control, I ask myself what brave next action I can take that will help me grow as a person.

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Will you let me know if you can relate? I LOVE hearing from you. Let me know how you are doing, what stresses you are facing, and how you are learning to let go of what you can’t control and take brave next steps when you are able to.

All my love,

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