Cast Iron Kiddos


Our activities empower elementary school-aged kids to learn practical life skills while embracing community service and a positive mindset. ​

Snail Mail Kiddo Kit


Sending thank you notes is a simple but meaningful gesture of gratitude that’s easy to overlook. It’s an important life skill that’s also fun and interactive.

With our Snail Mail Kit, your kiddo will be fully equipped to write a thank you letter and understand the old-school skill and courtesies of corresponding by mail.

Our Snail Mail Kit features our very own Cast Iron Pup, Lily. It includes 10 sheets of letterhead, 10 envelopes, 10 address labels, 11 round stickers, and 2 inspirational pencils. Instructions on the basics of writing a letter are included. All you need is a stamp!

Egg & Toasty Kiddo Kit


Get the kiddo in your life in the kitchen WITH you! This Kit provides them with an opportunity for a meaningful interaction with a family member, friend, educator- while learning a practical life skill that equips them for life, demonstrates common social skills that build confidence, and promote mental wellbeing and strong community. And that’s not the best part…. it’s fun and tasty, too! 

Money Kiddo Kit


Our Money-themed Kiddo Kit puts the fun into enrichment activities. This child-led, adult-assisted, offline activity gives you an opportunity to have a valuable conversation with your Kiddo about money, what it means to earn it, and how to responsibly SAVE, GIVE, and SPEND. Adorable comic book characters, led by Gary Cash the Piggy Bank, teach your Kiddo important principals and guide them in an activity that will ultimately turn into a success habit for life! Once they complete their activity they earn their Gary Cash Piggy Bank Badge of Honor! Kiddo Cash, Stickers and Envelopes teach your Kiddos great habits.

Story Cards


Get two sets of four collectible story cards featuring lovable characters with fun anecdotes. (One set for your kiddo, one to share!) Our Story Cards inspire kiddos to practice important life skills, reinforcing these skills through the power of humor and storytelling. Kids can collect, share, and make stories with their cards, building focus, generosity, creativity, and wonder.

Story Cards include:

  • Courteous Carrot

  • Sleepy Strawberry

  • Brave Banana

  • Helpful Honey

Cast Iron Kiddos Apron


Meet our adorably embroidered Cast Iron Kiddo Apron in our snazzy Cast Iron Kiddo dark blue! Complete with adjustable neck and simple tie at the waist, your Kiddo will stay clean(ish) in their stylish apron. :) They can proudly showcase their accomplishments -Kiddo Kit Badges, favorite pins and patches! They will cherish their apron and the memories made with YOU!!

Reward Stickers


Our collectible reward stickers are powerful tools for recognizing jobs well done, reinforcing good behaviors, and encouraging new skills. 

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