Money Kiddo Kit



Kiddos learn to value money!

What is money?
Why is money important?
How do you take good care of money?
How do you count change?

Our Money-themed Kiddo Kit puts the fun into enrichment activities. This child-led, adult-assisted, offline activity gives you an opportunity to have a valuable conversation with your Kiddo about money, what it means to earn it, and how to responsibly SAVE, GIVE, and SPEND. Adorable comic book characters, led by Gary Cash the Piggy Bank, teach your Kiddo important principles and guide them in an activity that will ultimately turn into a success habit for life! Once they complete their activity they earn their Gary Cash Piggy Bank Badge of Honor! Kiddo Cash, Stickers and Envelopes teach your Kiddos great habits.

Activity includes:

  • Collectible Educational Comic Strip Activity
  • Full page of Money-themed stickers
  • Kiddo Cash (1- $5 & 5 – $1)
  • 3 Kraft Envelops For Money Activity
  • Money (Gary Cash Piggy Bank) Badge of Honor (for completing the activity)
  • Tips For Adults – How to have the best experience!
  • …and memories galore!!

Made in the USA

Get the accompanying Cast Iron Kiddos Apron so your Kiddo can collect and showcase their Kiddo Kit Badges of Honor!!

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 4 in
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