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Please and thank you!

I grew up the child of a blue-collar, hard-working family of five that was not exposed to many social graces. 

My siblings and I knew to be polite, kind, and show respect (for sure), but we learned only basic table manners and minimal social decorum. Many of my friends came from upper-class families, and I was often unsure of myself in their homes. But I’ve always had grit, and I observed and copied.

As I got older, I knew I needed to educate myself to gain more confidence. So, one rainy California afternoon, I walked into the Burbank Library and read Emily Post’s Etiquette cover to cover. I loved it and it made a huge impact on my life.

I know that many people experience some anxious feelings in social settings like I did as a kid, and now I truly value the importance of helping people feel comfortable and confident. 

Are manners and etiquette still important? I strongly believe they are!

Read on for five reasons why teaching manners to kids is critical:

1) Kids with good manners will be people that others want to have around.Children who treat those around them with respect will find others responding well to them. 

2) Manners instill kids with confidence. Knowing manners builds social skills and positive interactions, which let kids feel comfortable in a range of social situations.

3) Manners make others feel good. By practicing basic good manners, children show those around them that they are considerate of their feelings, which makes others feel good.

4) Manners express respect. Manners are a way that kids can show that other people matter.

5) Manners help build relationships. Respect and consideration are the key foundations of strong friendships and relationships.

We’re going to keep looking at manners this April, including the top 5️⃣ manners to teach kids, a deep ? dive into table manners, and a look at manners for the ? digital age. 

Please join us. Thank you! ? 

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