Pausing to celebrate ?

Cast Iron Babe is in ShoutOut LA!

How often do you slow down to really soak up success, pride, progress, impact, joy, ease, etc?

We often skip these mini feel-good celebrations, believing there’s not enough time, or perhaps not even realizing this is something we should do in the first place. After all, we humans are hard-wired to focus on negatives. Relishing in positives often doesn’t come naturally.

But celebrating the small stuff actually helps boost our mood, energy, and productivity. Celebrating good feelings can ward off burnout and help us learn how to focus more on the positives going forward. 

Here at Cast Iron Babe, we’re pausing for a moment to celebrate a recent success: a lovely interview in ShoutOut LA! In the interview, I talk about my experience parenting, Cast Iron Babe’s mission and work, and my favorite local places and restaurants. 

I hope you’ll take a look! And I hope you give yourself permission to pause and celebrate your own wins today.


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(the Cast Iron Babe)
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