My Mom’s Gift

Her picture hit the newspaper. She was sitting in the middle of a large pile of tennis shoes with her head slightly tilted and a shy smile on her face. 

Let me back up a bit…

We were en route to the grocery store when Mom stopped the car. We waited for a man to cross the street, and Mom commented on the big holes in the soles of the man’s shoes.

And that got her thinking.

How many people have an EXTRA pair of tennis shoes just sitting in their closets? Those shoes could make a significant difference to someone living on the streets.

So, true to my mother, she put an ad in the local newspaper sharing her thoughts and asking for donations. She even listed our home address in the advertisement! And people began dropping off shoes on our front porch. 

My mother washed every pair and laced new shoelaces into each. I honestly don’t remember if I helped her, but I hope I did.

People dropped off multiple boxes of new shoes in addition to shoes that had been sitting around unused in their closets. The shoes on our front porch began to pile up.

I don’t know the exact number of shoes Mom collected, but it was well over 250 pairs.

She ended up donating all of the shoes to a homeless shelter and remarked at how proud each resident was to receive a ‘new’ pair ofshoes. The looks on their faces were what she call the ‘paycheck for your heart.’

My mother saw a need and did something about it. It was her highest value to be of service to others. But there were also times when my mother sacrificed her own wellbeing because she was always taking care of other people. 

Often we are so focused on helping others that we forget to value ourselves.

The last year has brought new challenges that we never expected to face. Things have shifted significantly in so many areas of our lives that we’re grasping for control and feeling fearful when making decisions.

Just like how my mother saw a need and did something about it, Cast Iron Babe sees a new need.

A need for people to slow down, go back to the basics, and learn a renewed way of living that impacts not only them, but the people in their lives. To SLOW DOWN and have FUN. 

A need to have an understanding and positive place to just be ourselves and actually feel like we’re doing a good job.

A need for new structures for the operations of our lives and new habits that we can pass down to the young people we know.

The Nourish Experience is our very first group program at Cast Iron Babe, and I’d like to personally invite you to join us for an unbelievably unique experience that will create change.

You get to come to the first one FREE as our gift (you only need to give us your name and email). Invite a friend or two along to join!

If you like it and want to continue, the 6-week program is $197.

I get excited just thinking about the new community we’re building at Cast Iron Babe!

To all of our longtime followers— if you’ve been with us before, you’ll experience a whole new level of inspiration and support.

For first timers, you’ll feel welcome and know within an instant that you’re in the right place.  

Check out the details and sign up at

Happy Mother’s Day!


(the Cast Iron Babe)

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