Manners in the Digital Era

Electronic devices are here to stay and are being used by kids and adults alike! While often a necessity for work, like it or not, they have also become the main source of learning and entertainment for our kiddos.

This week, I am tackling the notion of manners when it comes to using electronic devices in the home and when out-and-about.

Oh, how many I could list…let’s just discuss 5 this week!

1. Show courtesy to others – Keeping the volume off while around others is a wonderful lesson in mindfulness of how our actions affect those around us.

2.  Be proactive – Discussing and setting expectations when devices may be used BEFORE heading out is a great conversation to have with your kiddos.

You will answer the inevitable “why?” question. (This one is a win/win because it helps you set the stage for to success!) Come prepared with a conversation starter for when the devices are put away….”What has been your  favorite adventure? Why did you choose the adventure you chose?”

3. Create tech-zones – No phones or devices at the table or during family/friend gatherings is an obvious rule, but what about actually setting up designated spots in your home to use them?

4. Respect those around us – Explain to your kiddos the importance of looking up from their device and making eye contact when spoken to. For those kiddos who are uncomfortable looking people in the eye, teach them to look at the person’s eyebrows.

5. Lead by example – We must follow our own rules and set a good example! The kiddos are setting their own behaviors/patterns based on what you do.

I’d love to hear some of your family electronic device rules and expectations. As parents, our goal is simple…raise good humans! We are in this together and simple rules are a way of showing respect and love for those around us.

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