Luminous Minds

Luminous Minds

Teach Them To Read, Unlock a Luminous Future

Words can transport you; they can paint such a vivid image you’d swear an imaginary world actually exists. Words can evoke such intense emotion you will laugh while reading alone or cry. Words have the power to change lives. The ability to read opens boundless possibilities to us and to the children in our lives. Reading is hope in the future because we can learn about the past. Reading is everything.

A Woman With A Luminous Mind

This month’s honorary Cast Iron Babe is Chandra Roughton; she is the dreamer, creator, and Director of Luminous Minds. She has devoted her career to her passion…. spreading literacy through attainable access to quality, scientifically backed practices that are FUN. She is bright and quirky and clearly loves what she does. Her videos are engaging, and her personality and passion radiate through the screen.

Chandra has been an educator for over twenty years. She has spent many years in the classroom as well as a principal and has found that the primary grades in Title I schools are her calling. While being a classroom teacher was fulfilling, after working as a Professional Development Coach for teachers, Chandra realized how many teachers and children she could reach and empower!

A Leap of Faith

Luminous Minds was created as a traveling teacher program as well as a brick-and-mortar location for afternoon tutoring for early reading intervention. In February of 2020, Chandra felt led to make a larger impact to serve more children. It was a huge, brave decision and a giant leap of faith to create an online program and move Luminous Minds in a different direction. We all know what happened next…..pandemic….quarantine. Chandra’s leap of faith was rewarded with great success due to her gut feeling that her online program was what this country’s early readers needed. It was exactly what we needed.

Success Story

Luminous Minds is a subscription model for schools as well as individuals who are homeschooling or simply supplementing for kiddos that needs a little extra help. In keeping with Chandra’s passion for supporting Title I schools (federally supported low income schools) and bridging the financial gap in education, Luminous Minds is neither income nor demographic based. Schools are bringing in the Luminous Minds teachers via online training, lessons for the kiddos, as well as in-class coaching! PTAs are raising money to get this program in their schools, teachers are purchasing it for their own classrooms, and donations are made for families who need this program in their home and cannot afford it.

Luminous Minds has developed early literacy tools that can set kiddos up for a lifetime of success.

By getting to so many kids on-time, in the early years of learning, Chandra and her team are setting our nation’s kiddos up for success. One woman’s “little flame of ambition was fanned and has become a wildfire of growth and drive” (Roughton, 2023).

Luminous Minds encourages you to visit their website and if offering a FREE trial with code: CastIron30

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