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Life skills for kids of all ages - Cast Iron Babe

Life skills for kids of all ages

Happy June!

No matter your chronological age, it’s never too late to learn or brush up on life skills.

It’s also never too early to model solid life skills for your Cast Iron Kiddos. When you create a fun and adventurous experience to accompany any task, it will never feel like a chore.

The kitchen, being the heart of the home, is a wonderful place to start. 

Gather your people together for Disco Kitchen Time!

❶ CIB Step One: Set the stage. Take turns choosing the audio backdrop— music, a fountain, be creative.
❷ CIB Step Two: Get silly— dance, giggle, make funny faces. The sillier you get, the more effective this will be.
❸ CIB Step Three: Teach one small kitchen skill, like washing, drying, and putting away one dish.
❹ CIB Step Four: Give praise for even the smallest contribution or win.

Rinse and repeat often!

Will you give it a try? 

If you do, please share a picture of your family during Disco Kitchen Time. I can just see you all… laughing and having a wonderful time!

You can post your photo on social, @ us and use the tags #castironbabe and #discokitchentime.

Take good care of yourself and please share this with someone who may benefit from it!

Dancin’ in the kitchen,


(the Cast Iron Babe)

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