How to Change Your Attitude on a Dime

How was your week? Truly? I’d love for you to take a moment and give it some thought.

Often, the honest answer is that we had a pretty good week. Sometimes, we allow one or two moments of negativity to overshadow all the good that happened!

We have all had those moments where we just want to rock in a corner and cry. Who hasn’t? It’s ok to feel, but I want to encourage you to not stay in a feeling that cannot serve you or your precious family. Our minds are powerful and if we can learn how to redirect ourselves and adjust our perspective, we will surely live healthier, more positive lives. Our children will emulate our reactions to situations they face, and our goal as parents is to raise emotionally healthy humans.

We discussed last week that we have choices when saying “yes” or “no”. We also have choices in how we respond to life situations. That is empowering! Crazy, wild, and negative things that are out of our control WILL happen. How we respond to those moments is up to us.

Try these tips for adjusting your perspective the next time “life” hits:

1.     Take a breath. Give yourself permission to NOT respond immediately.

2.     Study and practice! Being prepared is the best defense to any situation.

3.     Make time to learn about yourself! Being self-aware is an incredibly powerful way to monitor your perspective and to modify it.

4.     Live in the present. Let the past go.

I love the saying, “was it a bad day or a bad moment?”. Perspective is everything.

To all the mothers and women who play the role of mother, I wish you a very happy Mother’s Day!

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