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Healthy Habits to Fortify Your Day - Cast Iron Babe

Healthy Habits to Fortify Your Day

I downed a cup of coffee full of cream and sugar, checked my email, and then jumped on social media. It was first thing in the morning—still dark outside.

I was already feeling on edge. Aaaaack!

The first three things I’d done in my morning were NOT how I wanted to be starting my day. Before I’d done anything else, I’d opened the floodgates on everything that needed my attention and bombarded my body with unhealthy choices.

Then I began tackling everything else that needed doing, and inevitably tried to squeeze too much into the day. No matter how much I’d accomplished by the time I went to bed, I still felt unproductive.

Why is that???

In trying to get everything done with my multi-tasking brain on full speed, I wasn’t allowing myself to be present for each task, nor was I fully completing each task. I was hyper-focused on accomplishment and not allowing myself to be 100% present for my loved ones and my team.


Do you resonate with any of this?

I’m happy to say that, although I still have moments of chaos like this, I make it a personal goal to complete each task with the intention of being present and not to move on until each is complete.

Whether it’s brushing my teeth, meeting with the Cast Iron Babe team, dinner with my honey Joe, or reading a book to our grandson Jacob, my intention is to do each activity with focus, start to finish.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes

Speaking of reading a book to my grandson Jacob, remember this classic? This heartwarming story teaches kids to reach for their dreams and the value of the perseverance and patient ambition to achieve them.

As you start this coming week, will you join me in re-stating the goal to be present? Even if things pop up that demand your attention (and there will always be these things), the intention alone will be a gift—to yourself and everyone around you.

With lots of love (extra cream and sugar ?),

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