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Getting those Zzzzzzz's! - Cast Iron Babe

Getting those Zzzzzzz’s!

Next week I’m going to VideoSummit with some of the leaders in the purpose-driven YouTube world. I’m excited to meet new people and step up my game for the Cast Iron Babe Show

Leading up to big events like this, I like to level up my sleep habits so my body feels good and my mind is clear. Even during the event itself, I often head to bed early in order to put my best foot forward the next day.

I know falling asleep can be difficult at events and even at home for some people. I’ve always listened to white noise to help myself fall asleep—I find the sounds of water especially relaxing, a brook burbling or waves gently crashing. 

Adults and kiddos alike have trouble settling down, so one of the tools we have in our (soon to be launched) CAMP CIB Membership is Snuggle Time Audios for Families. Imagine snuggling up with your loved ones while you listen to the calming sounds of water along with a voice that guides you all to a good night’s sleep and a positive outlook first thing in the morning!

Happy child listening to headphones

Thanks for following the journey with us as we launch Cast Iron Babe. It’s YOU who’s helped us to understand the needs families really have and how we can best assist.

Please say hello. Let me know what’s new in your world. Thanks to those who’ve been replying! It’s nice to hear from you.

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