Get your kids involved in housework!

Hi Cast Iron Families!

I’m a strong believer that household chores are good for kids and good for families.

Chores help kids learn skills they’ll use as adults. In addition, being involved in housework helps kids feel competent and responsible and helps them practice communication and cooperation skills. 

Sharing housework also helps families work better together and reduces family stress. When done with a spirit of play, chores can even be FUN!

Here are a few tips for getting your children involved in housework:

  • Make sure the chore is appropriate for your child’s age 
  • Encourage kids to think about chores as taking care of the family as a whole
  • Do chores together until your child can do them alone
  • Be clear about each family member’s chores for the day (write them down or use a reward chart)
  • Express interest in how your child does their tasks
  • Celebrate a job well done
  • Music, dancing, hugs, and laughter make chores more fun

In this week’s episode of the Cast Iron Babe show, I’ll help you teach your kids a simple chore: how to set the table. So gather your kiddos and let’s get started!

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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