Finally!!! We can let you have a peek at WHAT’S NEXT!

I wanted to let you in behind the scenes on what we’ve been cooking up lately: our Camp CIB Seasonal Care Kits! 

We’re not pre-selling our Care Kits quite yet, and we’re not sharing many details either, but know that they will be available for purchase in the next 30 days, for first delivery in January of 2022. The perfect time for families to kick off the year in a positive and productive way!

You see, one of the reasons I retired from my coaching practice at the end of 2020 was because I wanted to make a bigger impact on adults and their children alike. 

My clients were seeing results and their kids were emulating their new practices. Families were happier and healthier and relationships improved. 

It was time to expand my purpose—I even wrote a book about purpose. Maybe you read it? It’s called Purpose Crisis, and I was having a ‘purpose crisis’ of my own. I knew there was a bigger way forward, but I was afraid to ‘let go and let God.’

Like many of you, I imagine, Covid gave me the permission to throw all the balls in the air. When they landed, Joe and I decided to launch Cast Iron Babe (CIB). Our mission: Feed the people. Nourish yourself. Build cast iron strong families. 

At CIB, we produce original lifestyle, cooking, and life skills content delivered through our Cast Iron Babe YouTube Show, via in-person and online communities, and now with our Camp CIB Seasonal Care Kits.

Let me pause here and tell you a little about the leadership team we’ve attracted to our mission…

Our Chief Operating Officer Julie came first and has been side-by-side along the way with incredible grit, smarts, and wisdom. She’s a true friend who makes me a better person for knowing her.

Then came Sarah, who took the vision of CIB and reflected it through design, interpretation, and language. It’s like she sees the way forward, and it’s a pleasure to work alongside her. Also, a true friend.

We’ve built The Cast Iron Babe YouTube Show and we’re working very hard to dial it in!

It’s been VERY, VERY humbling. Being comfortable on a live stage is one thing, but put a camera in my face with no audience to play off of . . . quite another! But, Lily (the Cast Iron Pup) has been instrumental in creating a playful and fun environment and can be quite the camera hog at times! 

Back to our Care Kits: We want to help families live happier and calmer lives. We want to empower children to be part of the family team and learn practical skills paired with a positive mindset.

With our Camp CIB Care Kits, we’re doing just that. 

These kits will be sent seasonally and include:

  • Recipes for families to cook together
  • Camp CIB Life Skills that allow your Cast Iron Kiddos to learn practical skills and help out around the house.
  • Service components so kiddos can help others in need
  • Reward stickers for when kiddos complete their skills
  • Collectible cards that educate, inspire, and encourage sharing
  • Camp CIB Fun Book that will allow kiddos to keep their recipes, stickers, and collectible cards tidy, as well as have room to draw, write, and scrapbook about their experiences. (This will be a memento the whole family will cherish!)
  • An in-person and online community of people who value family, food, kindness, and kickbuttedness!!
Cast Iron Babe Family Carekit

If you know anyone whose family could benefit from our mission and Care Kits, please do share the news! 

We also always LOVE to hear from you. Let us know what you think. Let us know what is going on in your life. If you have tips to share, we love those too. 

We so greatly appreciate you!

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