Facing Fears and Gaining Confidence

Porche on a Windy Road
Photo by Mo Satarzadeh (mophotodesign.com)

I had my hands over my eyes. This was NOT something I wanted to be doing! 

No guardrails. Hairpin turns. Sheer drops. We were heading up to Pikes Peak in Colorado on the sports car vacation of a lifetime.

I have always been uncomfortable driving on mountain roads, but in this case, as a passenger, my discomfort was at a new high. 

I had my earbuds in and was listening to a peaceful meditation. Deep breaths in, deep breaths out. It was working—my thoughts were settling down and I was becoming calmer.

We finally made it to the top. Thank goodness!

The thin air was cool and clean. I looked out at the 360 degree view and saw rugged mountains, a clear blue sky, and bright white clouds. It was then that I recognized that I had faced a BIG fear of mine.

I had fully trusted that Joe would drive the car carefully, that our driving guides would lead the way with caution, and that we were being protected.

After taking in the view, it was time to head back down. I was just as uncomfortable, but this time I opened my eyes and looked out at the scenery, careful NOT to look down at the drops!

Once we made it to the bottom, I was able to breathe normally again and was grateful the trek was over. I’m definitely not saying I want to do it again, but the ability to be in 100% trust was a powerful exercise.

When I stepped out of my comfort zone, I was able to build my confidence muscle. Since that drive, I’ve noticed an extra boost of ‘believing I can do more’ in many aspects of my life. I have a renewed belief that most challenges really are mind over matter!

Ok, your turn. How have you faced your fears lately? Are you in need of a new challenge or adventure?

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