Etiquette: The Common Ground

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Lizzie Post, great granddaughter of Emily Post, founder of The Emily Post Institute. Emily Post wrote her first book, Etiquette, in 1922. Lizzie Post just published “Etiquette – The Centennial Edition” in October 2022. 100 years of Etiquette…. Why? “Consideration, respect, and honesty” are the driving force behind the Emily Post Institute tradition of excellence and those three things never go out of style.

What is Etiquette and Why Should We Care About It?

“Nothing is less important than which fork you use. Etiquette is the science of living. It embraces everything. It is ethics. It is honor” (Emily Post). The word etiquette can evoke images and feelings of pretentiousness, but etiquette actually bonds people by drawing them onto an even playing field focused on actions of mutual respect. When traveling, we often view or are viewed by foreigners as rude. But is that true? Couldn’t it simply be that we are playing the same game but using different rules? Etiquette is about inclusion. Etiquette is about comfort amongst strangers.

Meet Lizzie

Lizzie Post can only be described as “shiny”. Her bubbly nature is like a magnet that draws you in, and her love of the outdoors gives Lizzie a natural energy that is inviting and somehow calming. She enjoys her garden and playing golf, but her daily highlight is her trail run and the comfort in knowing she is among the other regulars on the trail; community is important to her. Lizzie’s focus is her friends, family, and community and she loves helping them “because she knows it can make their life easier.” What a beautiful way to love those around you!

Time For New Beginnings

Lizzie has proudly worked for the Emily Post Institute, carrying on the family tradition. She has rewritten many parts of the original Emily Post “Etiquette”, but sometimes in life a rewrite just isn’t enough, is it? Sometimes we need to just start over. Lizzie saw the need and was up for the challenge. In 2020, Lizzie signed a contract and began a total rewrite of her great grandmother’s Etiquette. The pandemic hit hard but a signed contract meant she had no choice but to carry out her mission. With the editing assistance of her cousin, Daniel, Lizzie tackled the latest edition and saw it to completion. “Writing this book and having it come out the way it did gave [her] ownership of [her] career.” Lizzie has always been proud to carry on her great grandmother’s legacy, but this project allows Lizzie to walk hand-in-hand with Emily Post.

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