Easy Quality Time With Your Kids

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In last week’s Sizzle we talked about prioritizing your health and well-being in playful ways that involve your family.

We heard from busy working mom, realtor Andrea Harlan, who said she’s been trying to capture small moments for play and well-being with her kids. She’s realizing her young ones prefer 5-10 minutes of her attention sprinkled throughout the day, as opposed to larger time blocks.

Here’s a photo of her daughter in the backyard garden munching bolted bok choy and pretending to be a dinosaur.?Rawr!!!

Andrea lets her kids play in the garden beds as long as they don’t pull out any plants. “I let go of my perfect looking garden opting for them having a good experience and being willing to taste fresh produce.”

She also promotes well-being with fun water bottles (to encourage hydration), and stretches together before bedtime.

We also heard from physician-mom Alexandra, who says she encourages long weekend walks with her kids by stopping at the best breakfast place in town mid-way. “The kids are eager to get there on the way out, nearly racing each other the whole way. And they’re happy and well-fed on the way home—when we get back to the house, everyone collapses!”

Thanks Andrea and Alexandra for sharing your stories!

We love hearing from you. Tell us what you’re up to!

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