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Care Kits for Kiddos

How it works

Our seasonal Care Kits for Kiddos include nostalgic themed activities that empower elementary school-aged children to learn practical life skills while embracing community service and a positive mindset. The skills we teach are designed to fully engage your kiddos, highlight the value of service and building confident and kind citizens. 

Winter Care Kits for families to kick off the new year in a positive & productive way.

What's Included

Care kit theme: Service & Gratitude

Bundled with Love

Each Care Kit comes beautifully packaged and includes a winter greeting card with a customizable message.

Each Care Kit comes with a customizeable greeting card and a custom CIB box
Illustrated recipe card

Kiddo-Friendly Recipe Card

Our Kiddo-Friendly Recipe Cards show kids how to prepare a simple dish alongside an adult. Cooking will help your Cast Iron Kiddo gain confidence and leadership skills, empowering them to help out more around the home.

Each recipe card is durable and pre-punched, ensuring long-lasting use. Modifications for vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free diets are noted.

This season’s recipe is our Slow Cooked Butter Skillet Toast, a great starting place for young cooks that’s sure to become a family favorite.

Most of our recipes use cast iron pans. Don’t have one yet? Check out our favorite.

Kid-Happy Activity

Sending thank you notes is a simple but meaningful gesture of gratitude that’s easy to overlook. It’s an important life skill that’s also fun and interactive.

With our Snail Mail Kit, your kiddo will be fully equipped to write a thank you letter and understand the old-school skill and courtesies of corresponding by mail.

Our Snail Mail Kit features our very own Cast Iron Pup, Lily. It includes 5 sheets of letterhead, 5 envelopes, 5 address labels, 5 round stickers, and 2 inspirational pencils. Instructions on the basics of writing a letter are included. All you need is a stamp!

Snail Mail Kit
Snail Mail Sticker of Lily with Envelope

Reward Sticker

Once your child has sent a thank you note, they will feel good about touching another’s life and earn the coveted Snail Mail Reward Sticker featuring our Cast Iron Pup Lily. 

Our collectible reward stickers are powerful tools for recognizing jobs well done, reinforcing good behaviors, and encouraging new skills.

Story Cards

Each Care Kit includes two sets of four collectible story cards featuring lovable characters with fun anecdotes. (One set for your kiddo, one to share!) Our Story Cards inspire kiddos to practice important life skills, reinforcing these skills through the power of humor and storytelling. Kids can collect, share, and make stories with their cards, building focus, generosity, creativity, and wonder.

This season’s Story Cards include:

  • Courteous Carrot

  • Sleepy Strawberry

  • Brave Banana

  • Helpful Honey
Fun vegetable character cards
Loose Leaf Tea Market Tea Canister

Surprise & Delight

Each Care Kit includes a surprise that kiddos can gift a parent, grandparent, friend, or other family member. Recipients will welcome the well-being surprise, and the act of gift giving teaches kids about generosity and thoughtfulness. 

This season’s gift is an herbal tea blend crafted at the highest quality by our friends at Loose Leaf Tea Market. Sit bax, relax, and enjoy wellness and self care in a cup!

Mini Binder Bundle

The Camp CIB Fun Mini Binder is a special place for kids to keep track of their recipes, activities, reward stickers, and collectible cards.

Our mini binder bundle includes a sturdy kraft mini binder, pockets for collectibles, dividers for easy organization, and blank paper for scrapbooking, drawing, and journaling.

This prized memory book will become a hub for special memories and achievements that the whole family will treasure! 

Camp CIB Fun Binder Bundle
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