CAMP CIB Care Kits for Kiddos for sale SOON!

A boy of 7 or 8 years old was at the post office with his grandfather. Young eyes observed as Grandpa carefully addressed an envelope in his best printing. Then he placed a stamp in the upper right-hand corner and affixed a return address label to the upper left. Grandpa slowly licked the flap of the envelope and pressed it closed.
The curious boy asked his grandfather why he was putting the stamp on the envelope. The grandfather patiently explained that a placing a stamp on the envelope was how the post office got paid for delivering the letter. Grandpa also taught the boy how to address the envelope and the importance of including return information.

Many children are not learning powerful life skills that will help them succeed now and in the future. Parents are feeling pulled in many directions and don’t have (or are not taking) the time to teach their kiddos how to fold a shirt, make a bed, set the table, address an envelope, and more. 

Often when a kiddo is learning a new skill, perfectionism comes out in parents. In that case, the child will never feel like a success. Parents and Grandparents are also constantly looking for fun activities that equip kiddos with important life skills and a positive mindset. 

That’s exactly why we are launching our Camp CIB Care Kits for Kiddos!

Your Winter Camp CIB Care Kit!

Our seasonal Care Kits for Kiddos teach school-aged children life skills like addressing envelopes and so much more! They also instill the importance of being of service and giving back, and core character traits for living a great life.

Keep your eyes out for more details and for the launch of our CAMP CIB Care Kits for Kiddos coming VERY soon! Just in time for holidays!

If you’d like more details NOW, please reply to this message and I will personally share them with you.

Much love to you and yours,

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