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Building the Future by Building Community - Cast Iron Babe

Building the Future by Building Community

At Cast Iron Kiddos, we are focused on building strong, independent kiddos who are courteous, kind, and good citizens that care about and take pride in their community.

Community Involvement Leads to Leaders

There are many ways to connect to the folks in your community. It isn’t always possible to volunteer face-to-face with kids, but the impact of giving is just as real! Children learn by being told, but they are more likely to emulate their parents’ behaviors. If they see you get involved and give back, they are much more likely to be the kind of adults that are generous and who get involved in their own communities.
We dream of a future of strong, generous leaders. You, my friend, are building that future right now with your kiddos!

Adopt A Block or Park

Choose a block or park to clean up with your kiddos. Start by creating a “litter clean-up tub” and putting it into your vehicle or carry it with you if you are within walking distance of your adopted spot. Go to the dollar store to get gloves, plastic bags (you can even separate recyclables into a separate bag while on your clean-up mission), and a container for your supplies. Plan your clean-up day or simply stop while out and about and do a quick tidy up! This gives your kiddo ownership of their community and teaches them to have pride in it.

Donate To a Local Food Bank

Your local food bank will be thrilled to hear from you. Reach out to them and ask what their specific needs are. Many would much rather take a monetary donation because they receive discounts on food items that we do not. This allows them to purchase exactly what they need. Your kiddos will learn the skill of giving through donating some of their earned money. Your food bank may also have a list of specific food items you can purchase and drop-off. If it makes sense for your family, ask about volunteer opportunities. This is a beautiful way for your kiddos to connect with others in their community while giving back.

Take Notice of Your Neighbors

Do you have an elderly neighbor or one that recently had surgery? Is there a mother on your street who could maybe use an extra set of hands? Choose a neighbor to help. Your kiddo could take their trashcan to the curb, carry their newspaper to their front door, or just sit and chat to brighten their day. Learning to communicate with adults is an important life skill and your child will see how simple acts make a huge impact.

Other Ideas

  • Volunteer with your local Special Olympics
  • Bring treats to rescue workers.
  • Host a fundraiser birthday party.
  • Decorate “get well” cards for your local hospital.
  • Join in a local fun run/walk for a cause.

Cast Iron Kiddos grow into Cast Iron Adults who give back to their community because you, their amazing parent, showed them how and created that sense of belonging within them!

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