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In the past, I’ve tended not to share details of my private life with my clients and community. These days, I’m allowing a new level of transparency and visibility into my life as I work to launch the mission of Cast Iron Babe. With that, I wonder if you’d allow me to share a private piece of my heart with you this week?

Our daughter Amanda and her husband Daniel had a healthy baby boy on June 3— Baby Jacob. We couldn’t be more elated!

“When you’re a grandmother, you get to be and do for your grandchild all the things you did well as a mom and all the things you wish you had time and resources for as a younger mom.”


The first time I saw his face was moments after his birth. He was snuggled up, healthy, pink, and tired, resting on our daughter Amanda’s chest. Daniel (Dad) was also resting after a long period of no sleep.

Amanda was still a bit out of it from the long labor and delivery, so she asked me to hold him. Ok, MY PLEASURE! I eased the tightly curled sweet angel from her and held him to my heart, humming the song I’d been singing to Amanda’s belly her entire pregnancy. 

Hello there my new friend, Jacob.

I swear to you, his little face, the size of my palm, was beaming with health, purity, promise, and joy! We were so blessed!

Thank goodness Amanda, Daniel, and Baby Jacob are all healthy— these three have been heroic in ways that extend beyond the story of Baby Jacob’s birth. And I can already see what wonderful parents Amanda and Daniel are becoming. They are affectionate, attentive, dedicated, and work well together with humor and teamwork.

I experienced my own little miracle one afternoon when Jacob was 3 weeks old. As he lie diaper-only on the beige quilted summer comforter, we made our very first solid eye contact— and the spark of connection was nothing short of a heart song! 

Now, as we get to know one another more, he appears to be studying everything around him with the greatest of wonder. He loves kisses, snuggles, hugs, songs, rocking, bouncing, and dogs.

He’s eating very well. When he finishes a bottle and gets that milk-drunk look on his face, I just want to fall asleep right next to him. 

Oh, and the suckling, humming, grunting, burping, and even the crying and are gentle and affectionate (most of the time ?).

Joe, Lily, and I have many fun plans for this sweet child— like camping in our backyard, s’mores and all!

We are so grateful Jacob is a big part of our family now! Please read on for how our value for family, relationships, and well-being was the catalyst for Cast Iron Babe . . .

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One of the reasons we started Cast Iron Babe was because we value family, relationships, and well-being. 

About 16 months ago, we began to see that our Recalibrated Living coaching clients (especially those with kids) were having very specific challenges in their families that were becoming more pronounced during the pandemic and associated stay at home orders. 

With ever changing circumstances and schedules, parents didn’t have enough time to get everything done— work, school, family, kids, dinner, bath, book, and bedtime— not to mention take care of their own well-being. 

They were so busy taking care of everyone else, they had nothing left to give to themselves. 

At Cast Iron Babe, we’re devoted to the mission of nourishing families. In fact, our tagline is: feed the people, nourish yourself.

From the bottom of my heart, I LOVE to hear from you! Let me know what’s going on in your family, how we can help, and we may even share your story with our community!

I personally answer every email!

Want to see more about what we are up to? Take a look at our most recent episode on The Cast Iron Babe YouTube Show!

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