10 FREE Family Fun Activities

Summer break is here. The need to “entertain” your kiddos during the summer months can be daunting and expensive. I’d like to challenge you to get creative and channel your inner child.

So what you do without breaking the bank? I’ve created a list of 10 FREE activities to do with the kiddos in your life. The possibilities are endless, but I hope this launches your creative spirit.

1. Head to your public library. Many public libraries have FREE summer programs for kiddos. Then make a pillow “reading fort” at home!

2. Explore your local parks. Parks are a wonderful escape. Sometimes doing exactly what you’d do at home (blocks, dolls, coloring, play dough, etc.) in a different environment creates new excitement and an element of adventure!

3. Go on a nature hike. Look for signs of animals, count shades of green, or see how many different leaves you can find.

4. Simple experiments. Feed your child’s natural curiosity with simple experiments using items you probably already have at home! Amaze your kids by filling a sealed plastic bag with water and pushing pencils through it without spilling the water. Pinterest is a great resource for this.

5. Create an outdoor obstacle course. Is it raining? Play “The Floor is Lava” inside!

6. Make a pavement chalk art gallery.

7. Have a teddy bear (or favorite stuffies) picnic in your backyard.

8. Have a Game Day. Play cards or board games. Take them outside for a change of pace.

9. Go on a bug scavenger hunt There are free printables available online. Give the kiddos a clipboard and a magnifying glass to make them feel extra official!

10. Have a backyard campout. Not an option? Get creative… Throw a sheet over the kitchen table. Instant tent!

As fast paced as our lives can be, remember to be intentional about making quality time with your kids. Many of my best memories are from times when I did things with my family that required us to keep to a budget and get creative!


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