Building Life

Building Life Skills

Our products help teach children critical life skills that they will use throughout their lives. 

Confidence Building

Building Confident Kiddos

Building Confidence

Our products help you raise kids that are kind, independent, and that believe in themselves.

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Build Connection

Strong Families and Communities

Building Connection

Our products and exercises help teach valuable social skills all while putting the fun in personal growth.

We're on a B.I.G. mission...

Hey there! I’m JuliAnn, the founder of Cast Iron Babe & Cast Iron Kiddos Marketplace and WE are building a legacy to positively impact 1 billion and one Kiddos and their families. Yes, we know it’s a big vision!

I was a motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and high-performance coach for three + decades. The tools my clients were implementing were creating healthier, happier and more orderly family households. In essence, we acted as an extended support for multi-generations, at a time. Those precious people, at the same time, were my teachers.

Then, 2020 came. Families were really struggling. Especially the Kiddos. We saw a big need. We decided to make our tools available to Kiddos so they could feel confident and grow up with positive and balanced habits. Helping the entire family unit in the present, and in the future. Truly, for generations to come.

We love you and are glad we are friends!

JuliAnn & The CIB Team!

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JuliAnn Stitick, the founder of Cast Iron Babe

Good products, doing good.

Cast Iron Babe crafts each product responsibly and at the highest quality. Our founder is a mom and grandmother in Northern Nevada. When you purchase from Cast Iron Babe, you’re investing in your family, your kids, and a small local business. 

With every purchase, we also donate to No Kid Hungry to help feed hungry kids. Thank you for helping us help them!

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Get to know Cast Iron Babe.

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Feed the people, nourish yourself

Build Cast Iron Strong Families

Our products and entertainment provide children with critical life skills, helping you raise Cast Iron Kiddos that are kind, independent, and believe in themselves, all while putting the fun in personal growth. And, every purchase helps feed hungry kids. 

The Cast Iron Babe Show

Our YouTube Show is a family-friendly, value-driven, unique blend of cooking segments, cast iron how to’s, and life skills that set your kiddos (and you) up for success.  

The Cast Iron Babe Show

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